Generate the relevant tasks, to the right people, in the correct order . . . at the precise time.


Repeatable-Process Checklist

If the customer is located in Texas, create these five tasks.

Approve this step if the customer has more than 20 employees.

When these two tasks are done, trigger the next four tasks.

Assign this task to the customer's account manager

Two days before the scheduled webinar, send this email.

If the customer purchased the premier package, create these 5 tasks.

Use Cases

Customized client onboarding

Department-specific employee onboarding

Business acquisition merge & onboard checklist

Product release checklist

Website update checklist

Month-end closing & reporting checklist

Never have these conversations again...

Is it specific?

- We need "last quarter's" reports ... was that Q1 or Q2?

- I'm supposed to call "the client"...which contact, Wilma or Betty?

- I need to configure the client's software settings; where can I find those details?

Does it apply?

- Do we need to complete all of the financial history documents on the Flintstone project?

- The client thought the paragraph about the support process applied to them and filled it out wrong.

- The task due dates got copied from the last project and didn't apply to this project.

- Do we need to complete the whole form or just the project section?

Is it automated?

- I spent the day waiting for the client to send the files and found out they sent them yesterday.

- I didn't realize that Bob completed the approval process; he forgot to update the task list.

- We finished the draft, but the email didn't get sent to the Flintstone team.

- The project manager changed, but the tasks didn't get updated with the new projecct manager's name.

Is it secure?

- The new hire downloaded the file with our client's banking can we prevent this next time?

- The client wants to know who has access to this file with their client social security numbers?

- Where can I store the salary information so the whole office can't see the file?

Is it actionable?

- Has the customer sent us their files so that we can start our internal review?

- Can I send these documents to accounting or are we waiting on approval?

- When will we be ready to get this clearance document signed?

Is it in sync?

- Which tasks are overdue for the client?

- Who is supposed to complete the project plan for the Flintstone project?

- Who should sign the final document?

- What is the project status?













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